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One more day in paradise...

... One more chance to feel alright

9 June 1985
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"Be prepared for vagueness and confusion as details are often lost and there is frequent anonymity within this journal."

That's been the opening line of my bio since I started this journal in 2005. I was just shy of 20 and, looking back on these entries, I am excited to get back to writing. I started in a little city, moved to a big one, made a little life for myself and had a lot of experiences I cherish and recall with disdain, both. But I've already written about those.

Now I'll keep ranting and raving about whatever I damn well please (that's one thing that has not changed with my years), but things will be a little less "finding-myself-20's" and more "found-myself-30's". It's amazing to read over the transition, and if I start writing again as a wife and mother now, I'm pretty excited to see what today looks like 10 years from now too. With that, the original closing bio line:

"I love words and crafting something out of them. Since I lack the creativity and focus to write professionally, I write on here. Sometimes it's meaningful and touching, sometimes it's a fucking rant. Either way, feel free to read on if you'd like."